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Frequently asked questions
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Maybe.  All ads must meet the following conditions.  To view current ads and/or place yours, click the Friends link.

All ads must:
  • Be somehow related to the material on this site.
  • Provide a return link to this site.
  • Sites with any of the following get banned:
    1. Malware (unless you quickly remove it and your ad might still be removed and/or hidden until then)
    2. Porn
    3. Pop-up, pop-under ads, or any form of rude ad—This includes, but isn't limited to, Flash ads that get in the way of content.
    4. Any advertising of your site by spam or other rude means will cause your ad to be removed.
  • Sites that aren't free and/or for free services are a special case.  Please contact me before posting the ad.  Also, such ads must note the prices for your services and/or products.  Please update your add when you change services, products, and/or prices.
  • You can ask for financial support in the forum of donations.
Added by: Will Pittenger (WillPittenger)

See the Donate page.  You can donate via Paypal.
Added by: Will Pittenger (WillPittenger)

Don't your have other means of support?
Actually, no. 
I have been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. As such, I have had enough troubles holding down jobs that I am now legally disabled. Aside from a rather meager check from the government, I have no income until you donate.
Added by: Will Pittenger (WillPittenger)

I am worried about spam.
Your e-mail address is completely private.  Only I (and possibly UCoz's admins) have access to them.  We will never sell your e-mail.  The only e-mails you should get are site adminstration stuff.  Please note that the forums have an option to send you e-mails when someone replies to your post.  Please be prompt in reading such replies.  You can also choose to be notified of private messages.  I will use private messages for important notices.  So check those too.
Added by: Will Pittenger (WillPittenger)

Send me a private message with what you want.  I can provide blogs and private forums.  If you can prove you're trustworthy, I may let you use HTML instead of just BBCode.  What you add to the site must somehow be related to the rest of the site.  If I accept your proposal, you will also get a FAQs category.  You will be able to add what you need without approval.
Added by: Will Pittenger (WillPittenger)

Send me a private message with data like what you would put into a rèsumè.  It would help if you are already a moderator or wiki sysop somewhere.  It might also help if you have a proven track record in law enforcement.
Added by: Will Pittenger (WillPittenger)

That account is the way in which I admin the site.  If I want to make certain types of changes, I will log in under that account.  Normally, all posts of any type will be done with my WillPittenger account.
Added by: Will Pittenger (WillPittenger)

I know of two basic options.
  1. Replace IE with any of the following:
    • Firefox or any Mozilla offering with recent version of Gecko
    • Safari, Chrome or anything built on WebKit
    • Opera (recent versions anyway).
  2. If you don't want to give up on IE, Adobe did for a while publish an ActiveX that will let you view SVG.  I do have it installed and it works OK for the few images I tried it on.  However, Adobe has since decided to drop support for it and stop further development on it.  The reason was that all browsers other than IE had built-in SVG support.  Fortunately, they will let you download it here.
IE 9+ has at least some SVG support.  However, I don't think it competes with the other browsers I mentioned above.
Added by: Will Pittenger (WillPittenger)

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