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Main » News » Site status updates
Site status updates [26]
New KMZ file added [147]
KMZ File updated [39]
New Map available [97]
Map updated [9]
Other [5]
New Item in Queue [1]
In Progress [4]
The developer was trying all off-season to completely rewrite the app from what he told me.  As the start of the 2014 season approached, he realized he wasn't going to make it.  So he switched to trying to update the old app to show the new season.  That's when he concluded he didn't have time for the app at all.  He has discontinued work on it.  I don't like it.  His app had a lot of promise.
Category: Site status updates | Views: 1761 | Added by: WillPittenger | Date: 2014-February-24 | Comments (0)

Sorry.  I have been seeing a lot of it.  Several a week.  You don't see any because I require comments from guests be approved.
Category: Site status updates | Views: 2381 | Added by: WillPittenger | Date: 2012-February-07 | Comments (0)

I have a project from one of the professors at my alma mater, Western Illinois University, to work on.  I don't know when I will return.
Category: Site status updates | Views: 1012 | Added by: WillPittenger | Date: 2010-July-16 | Comments (0)

Personally, I suggest you use ChatZilla with XULRunner for your IRC client.  This combination means that ChatZilla will run outside Firefox.  When you restart your browser, ChatZilla will be unaffected.  ChatZilla can also change its appearance with what are called motifs.

Now if you want to run CZ as part of any Gecko-powered browser (including SeaMonkey, Flock, Firefox, and more; but not Camino), you can install the extension.  Those that would prefer the XUL Runner version, should go here and follow the instructions.  It is a bit more work for now, but is worth it.

Next, the IRC links.  You have two choices.  If you chose to use ChatZilla for IRC, use this link: irc://freenode/##automotive-racing. Otherwise, use this link: irc://freenode ... Read more »
Category: Site status updates | Views: 1098 | Added by: WillPittenger | Date: 2010-January-09 | Comments (0)

I did upload the map I was working on, Miami International Airport, to Commons, but I decided, due to the reasons listed below, that future maps won't be done unless the FAA changes things:
  1. It turns out the PNG map was out of date.  But it took some time to find the new version on the FAA's site.  The FAA doesn't make replacements easy to find.
  2. Each official map is a PDF that expires after one month.  So I would be redoing each map every month.
  3. The official PDF was poorly done.  Each text character turned out to be a path rather than editable text.  This meant that I had to retype each character.
Between the three, I decided it just wasn't worth it.  Sorry.  I will update the map if someone finds errors, but otherwise, I am dropping FAA airport maps until further notice.  You can see the map I did here.
... Read more »
Category: Site status updates | Views: 1010 | Added by: WillPittenger | Date: 2009-November-05 | Comments (0)

These will be vectorized versions of official FAA maps from WikiMedia Commons.  I may adjust them for accuracy.  I will also replace text with actual text objects.  This will make translation of these maps simpler.  The first to be done will be Miami International.  I have already started experimenting on it.

Note: Until I can upload SVG images to UCoz, airport maps will be uploaded here only on request.
Category: Site status updates | Views: 1179 | Added by: WillPittenger | Date: 2009-October-31 | Comments (0)

My vacation is going well.  I expect to return to Illinois around 4-7-2009.  In the meantime, I have noticed that we have several new members.  Please welcome them.  I would offer cookies, but digital cookies tend to be less than popular.

Category: Site status updates | Views: 1255 | Added by: WillPittenger | Date: 2009-March-10 | Comments (0)

Sorry.  I expect to be gone for about a month.  My computer is just a little to big to take with me.  sad
Category: Site status updates | Views: 1182 | Added by: WillPittenger | Date: 2009-February-25 | Comments (0)

The program that would restore them keeps crashing.  Those files include mainly the stuff I need to work on this site and the maps.  Please bear with me.
Category: Site status updates | Views: 1173 | Added by: WillPittenger | Date: 2009-February-15 | Comments (0)

My hard drive conked out.  I have a replacement, but was forced to reinstall Windows.  I am still working on reinstalling all my programs.  Hopefully, I will be back up completely in a couple of weeks.
Category: Site status updates | Views: 1147 | Added by: WillPittenger | Date: 2009-February-04 | Comments (0)

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