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Site status updates [26]
New KMZ file added [147]
KMZ File updated [39]
New Map available [97]
Map updated [9]
Other [5]
New Item in Queue [1]
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Hope you didn't stuff yourselves too badly.

Category: Other | Views: 1739 | Added by: WillPittenger | Date: 2015-November-27 | Comments (0)

All maps and KMZ files are now on OneDrive at  Please note that everything is organized as they are on my local drive.  The SVGs are included, but OneDrive may refuse to let you treat them as images unless you download them.  All KMZ files are grouped into folders.  Each folder has its own KMZ that lets you download the entire folder at once.

Category: Other | Views: 1861 | Added by: WillPittenger | Date: 2015-November-09 | Comments (0)

Those that have still been frequenting my site may have noticed some changes as listed below:
  1. There is a new forum for supporting that app.
  2. News from the publisher about that app will appear in the Blogs section.  You can subscribe via RSS or e-mail.
  3. They are listed as a Friend in the right sidebar.
Please consider installing it.  Once you have it installed, you may find a bunch of new maps not available anywhere else.  Wikimedia Commons has been deleting my maps so I didn't bother uploading the SVG to them.  I haven't gotten around to uploading the PNG here.  I don't know where I will put the SVGs.  As for the usual KMZ stuff I do for each track, I haven't touched it.
Category: Other | Views: 1087 | Added by: WillPittenger | Date: 2013-June-02 | Comments (0)

As a result, I am debating no longer be providing lengths for each item.  However, I do want to provide summaries.  How that will work out is unknown.  Please note that GE 5.2 also provides profiles for paths, but not polygons.  Length data inside maps will be unchanged, but using the GE length rather than the tool I used to use.
Category: Other | Views: 977 | Added by: WillPittenger | Date: 2010-June-19 | Comments (0)

Unfortunately, I need to attend a visitation and funeral for my Aunt.  She died last week of pancreatic cancer after a three year battle.  I hope to return sometime either Monday or Tuesday local time (Illinois).
Category: Other | Views: 985 | Added by: WillPittenger | Date: 2009-November-22 | Comments (0)

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