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Frequently asked questions
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Inkscape is a free open source program for creating vector-based images.  Their homepage is
Added by: Will Pittenger (WillPittenger)

Well, that depends.  That is really three questions.

Saving files (as of version 0.47)
  • SVG—This is Inkscape's native format.  Note: Inkscape actually supports two versions of SVG.  Their own version adds some tags for their own use.  "Plain SVG" strips them out.
  • PDF—I haven't tried it.  Support might be limited.  Fortunately, Adobe released their patents and control over the format to a non-profit organization.  If they hadn't, Inkscape probably wouldn't support it.
  • SVGZ—Compressed SVG; you can either include or omit the special Inkscape tags.
  • Cairo PNG—You will lose your vector data
  • Postscript
  • Encapsulated Postscript
  • Enhanced meta file
  • PovRay
  • JavaFX
  • OpenDocument drawing
  • LaTeX with PSTricks macros
  • Desktop Cutting Plotter
  • GIMP Palette
  • HP Graphics Language
  • Microsoft XAML
  • Compressed SVG with Media—These are ZIP files rather than SVGZ.
Importing (as of version 0.47)
  • Any of the above formats—Vector formats are imported as grouped series of objects.
  • Adobe Illustrator—both native (.ai) and SVG (.ai.svg)
  • Windows meta files—.wfm or .apm
  • Word Perfect Graphics
  • GIMP Gradients
  • AutoCAD DXF
  • ANI files (Windows animation)
  • PNG
  • WBMP
  • PNM files—.pnm, .pbm, .pgm, or .ppm
  • RAS files
  • XPM
  • XBM
  • TGA—.tga or .targa
  • PCX files
  • icns
  • Windows ICO (icon) files
  • BMP—Windows native image format
  • GIF
  • JPEG—.jpg, .jpe, or .jpeg
  • TIFF—.tif and .tiff
Exporting (as of version 0.47)
  • Just PNG.  No options are provided as to the type of PNG file.
Added by: Will Pittenger (WillPittenger)

Inkscape uses the GNU Toolkit Framework.  It will install it if you don't have it.  (Some variants of Linux come with GTF preinstalled and use it for their UI.)  Inkscape 0.46 uses it excursively for the UI.  0.47 has moved to using the OS for most of its UI, at least in Windows.
Added by: Will Pittenger (WillPittenger)

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